Welcome to our company

Technofo is long-known as a telecommunication solution provider, with many years of experiences to perform projects for laying the fiber optic cables and providing data communication solutions in the country’s foremost incumbent telecommunication operators based in Jakarta.

The customer needs define the boundaries of our solutions, thus making the solutions more reliable and comprehensive together with being in line with the future trends, encouraging us to bring a novel and innovative approach to our solution, acting as liaison between the end-user and the service providers with the goal of exceeding the expectations of every client by offering the best-in-class customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionalities and improving operational efficiency, with the eventual goal of the customer satisfaction.

Our vastly-experienced telecommunication business practitioners along with highly qualified technical team are merely centered on providing the robust solutions for data communication needs of our clients.

Today, Technofo is on its way toward the standardized and automation process across all the working functions, making it more flexible and responsive to face the future competition.

Achieving our Vision, along the way, we work closely with a number of leading-edge companies, to name a few, ECI, Alcatel, and Ericsson, simply to ensure the mutual partnerships in delivering the world-class services to our valued clients.

What We Do
Technofo provides advanced telecommunication infrastructures solutions, specifically for the implementation of fiber-optic network installation and configuration at the widespread enterprises across the regions, serving both the governmental and private sectors. 

As a rising expert in this business field, Technofo gets into every stage upon client selection of the system requirements, spanning from the implementation to completion, which offers continual functionality and technical support altogether.

Referring to the e-TOM standard, we pride ourselves on the agile project accomplishment to ensure that all business requirements are met within predetermined budget restraints and time schedules.